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Dry Martini is a mythical cocktail, an icon of the fascinating art of mixes. Always surrounded by creative worlds such as cinema, literature, design, architecture, fashion and of course, great characters that have made from this cocktail a lifestyle.
Always with the obsession of serving it very cold, this point was clear, until Javier de las Muelas has decided to change the game’s rules and introduce a revolutionary collection of Martinis that are served hot, thus reviewing the foundations of the classic mixology.

Winter cocktails have been known since ancient times as the Grog drunk by English sailors, the Irish coffee, or closer, “ron cremat”, “queimada” and “carajillo”.
Winter Martinis proposal is to be able to take them in your favorite cocktail bar. After a working day, one day skiing or with your family in front of the fireplace.
Winter Martinis are served hot unlike the traditional cocktail that should always be cold.


Winter Sweet is a deliciously silky and delicate cocktail. A deep flavor with a long, creamy finish and wrapped in the warm notes of orange blossom honey. Perfect afterdinner.

Droplets Orange Blossom Honey
White Chocolate
Bacardi 8 a.


A sophisticated mix of spices, and plants that will not leave you indifferent either because of its exoticism, or because of its seductive spirit. A talkative, meeting cocktail, perfect for long winter gatherings.

Droplets Oak Smoke
Roibos Red Fruits
Raspberry Spiced Syrup
Cranberry juice


A tasty journey through the landscapes of Indian cuisine. Toast in Madras is a very versatile cocktail that can awaken our appetite before dinner or accompany as a great digestive.

Droplets Indian Spices
Mango, curry and cinnamon syrup
Pedro Ximénez 30 y.
Cachaça infused with sechuan button


A warm and comforting Martini of herbal and floral notes. Durable, rounded flavor, with an air of sophistication and perfect balance.
A great digestive mid-afternoon.

Droplets Absinthe Van Gogh
Rosemary syrup
Jasmine Tea
Bombay Sapphire


Perfect for a snow and mountain day. This cocktail will help us to numb the body and recover body heat enjoying the intensity of a hot combination with notes of cardamom, honey, smoked and ending with the pleasant spicy ginger.

Droplets Green Cardamom
Ginger honey
Smoked tea
Maker´s Mark

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