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The cocktail glossary



Serving a cocktail is an art with an infinite variety of possibilities of mixing.

If you are a fan of the art that has to do with creating original cocktails, you should learn the professional and technical words of the industry. In this post, Dry Martini offers an extensive glossary of terms in order to be an expert and to surprise others with your experience and knowledge about the professional preparation of cocktails and drinks.

– Twist: peel of citric used to add flavour to the drink, squeezing it gently and sometimes served inside the cocktail as a decoration in order to enhance the flavour.

– Barmade: Professional female working in a cocktail bar

– Boston Shaker: used to cool and mix the ingredients of the drink. It has a body made of glass material and another one made of steel. It is the tool of reference if we want to promote a cocktail with crushed ice and fruit.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería

– Stick: tool used to remove long drinks.

– Pour: the act of pouring a drink.

– Officiating: the art of making cocktails.

– Bartender: professional male working in a cocktail bar or, better known as barman.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería

– Highball: a tall and narrow glass with high capacity, used to serve long drinks.

– Smoothies: soft drinks made from natural products such as milk or fruit. They are a source of vitamins and they have very low fat content.

– Saltshaker: utensil used to introduce salt to cocktails.

– Dropper: spherical glass container. It is used to drop a very small amount of liquid in the cocktail.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería

– Beat / Dash: a wrist movement to serve content in the glass, (undergoing) performing, at the same time, another movement that will avoid serving too much liquid in the recipient.

– Blender: electric mixer attached to a glass jar or steel with a motorized base.

– Mixology: the process of mixing drinks with art and imagination.

– Cathedral: the top bar in a big city.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería — Teaspoon: measure that corresponds to a classic coffee spoon.

– Spoon Bar: long spoon ideal to mix drinks.

– Frozen: drink made with ice in a blender mixer.

– Mise en place: the place where the bartender does his work.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería

– Parishioner: a costumer that is passionate about a bar.

– Ounce: measure that equals 28.70 grams.

– Shot: glass used to serve a very little quantity of cocktail or small amounts of distilled alcohol.

– Jigger: current measurer of cocktails.

Cocktail Glossary - Glosario de coctelería

– Shaker: classic shaker.

– Liturgy: everything that involves the art of mixology.

– Old fashioned: wide glass named after the famous cocktail.

– Tip: economic appreciation that responds to a good service.

– Bitter: bitter drink.

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