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The Bar at Home



“I prefer making cocktails in my kitchen-office and carrying out a full tray of cocktails, with the biggest of smiles.”

It’s normal to be dazzled by the Mise en Place many American bars present you with. However, in your own home you can also simulate such an altar, no matter how small, that will allow you to serve your guests with pleasure.

The labour behind preparing the drinks that you will offer your guests, your partner or simply yourself, will be much easier and enjoyable if you have all necessary ingredients to hand. That is why, regardless of the occasion the drinks are for, whether it be an intimate encounter, a dinner with friends or a family lunch at Christmas, preparation is fundamental.

First, you need to make sure that everything you’re going to need to make the drinks is organized and cleaned: glasses, cocktail shaker, mixing glass and bottles you will need. The juices needed, citrics in particular, need to be natural and they will be best if they are freshly squeezed when elaborating the cocktails.


You’ll need to have the basics to serve your guests at home: dry gin, white rum, gold rum, vodka, bourbon whiskey, Scottish whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Pisco, Tequla, Brandy, Jerez, White Wine, Cava or Champagne, Triple Sec (Yellow Grand Marnier), Coffee Liquor (Kahlua or Tia Maria), Red Martini, Martini Dry and Campari.
The rest of liquors or spirits you may have will depend on your tastes and available storage space. The list is never-ending, but with this small selection, you will be able to satisfy your guests.



Angostura is the queen of bitters, with a 45% ABV. We consider it a basic ingredient in a vast number of Cocktails.


Another necessary ingredient to prepare cocktails. It is a pomegranate Granada juice with a strong sweet taste and an intense pink colour.


Concerning condiments we need to have at home, we must recall the needs of two noble cocktails: the Bull Shot and the Bloody Mary, both require tabasco, a red chilli vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce.

Salt, pepper and spices:

The previously mentioned cocktails also require condiments such as celery salt to garnish and add flavour. Spices are used vastly when making punches or Grogs; cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon in particular.


A very regular ingredient in an array of cocktails; Javier de las Muelas recommends using icing sugar. He also glorifies making your own sugar syrup, which will mix much better and is very easy to make. Add equal parts of sugar and water in a saucepan, cook until it boils; then leave it to simmer. Stir and add more sugar, until the mix has a gummy aspect. Leave the mix to cool, and then it is ready for use.

Fresh fruit:

All cocktails that contain citric juices; orange, lime and lemon must be freshly squeezed. For other cocktails that include fruits such as melon, papaya, mango, strawberry, kiwi and other tropical fruits; we recommend buying quality ready-made juices or purées to ensure a premium flavour. In regards to tomato juice, there are fantastic ready-made products that will enable you to elaborate unbeatable Bloody Marys.


Egg white and yolk are present in a diversity of cocktails. The most common are Silver Fizz and Pisco Sour in which the egg white is an essential ingredient. The yolk itself is less used; the Golden Fizz is the most popular creation that includes it on its recipe list.


Olives and pickled onions:

There is no doubt about needing good quality stoned olives for the King of cocktails; the Dry Martini. Pickled onions in turn, are required to make the Gibson. In both cases, remember to rinse them as to avoid an overwhelming taste of vinegar that will overpower the other ingredients.

Red and green glace cherries:

Their function in cocktails is more important than pure aesthetic. Their sweetness is an ideal counterpoint flavour in a series of cocktails.

Mint and peppermint:

The most genuine representations are the Mojito and the Mint Julep. The leaves are used both for flavour as for decoration. Remember to always rinse the leaves before use.

Soft drinks and water:

They are used to elongate drinks, soften them and they enhance flavour due to their carbon content. Water used in cocktails must be bottled water of a certain quality.


One of the most essential elements of all cocktails and a base on which their flavour and quality will depend on. It is also important to refrain from reusing ice in a cocktail, even if it is the second serving of the same drink.


The glassware you choose will condition the quality of your creations, it is important to choose an adequate glass for each cocktail.

El Bar en Casa

From Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas, we encourage you to practise your cocktail making skills at home, we are sure that both you and your guests will enjoy the experience. We equally invite you to continue enjoying the pleasure of watching our skilled Barman prepare you our vast array of singular cocktails at our Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas in Barcelona.

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