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Cocktail Collins with Green Cardamom Droplets ®



Recipe of the Collins Cocktail crafted with Green Cardamom Droplets ™ crafted at Dry Martini By Javier De Las Muelas Barcelona.


-3 cl. Fresh Lemon Juice

-2 cl. Cane syrup.

-6 cl. Bombay Sapphire Gin.

-Fresh Mint.

-4 Drops of Green Cardamom Droplets ™

-10 cl. Soda Schweppes.

-2 Lime Wheels.

-1 Sprig fresh basil


Use a tall and wide glass. We should add in the cocktail shaker fresh lemon juice, cane syrup, fresh mint, Bombay Sapphire gin and 4 drops of Green Cardamom Droplets ™. Mix the resulting drink with soda Schweppes. Garnish with 2 lime wheels and 1 sprig of fresh basil.

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