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Secrets of the perfect Barman



A good Barman, apart from knowing distilled alcohols, liquors, elaboration and mixes must also have good psychology and empathy. They must listen, see and observe. Know the clients preferences and make them feel like the main character of their experience.

The Barman, an essential and irreplaceable element of all Cocktail Bar. As we had mentioned in a previous post, the Barman profession cannot be improvised or learnt in a few hours. Not only should a Barman have vast knowledge about distilled alcohol, liquors, their preparation and mixing; but most importantly he must be in touch with psychology and empathy that the profession requires of. Listen, see and observe. Know different clients tastes and make them feel like the main character of their experience. But above all, the traits that will make him differ from others, will be his dedication and eagerness.

Bartender Tools Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas

 It’s a profession in which the individual must be capable of resorting to psychology and diplomacy when treating with clients, with those who he will show interest in the conversations they maintain and will know how to participate when invited to take part in their discussion. The secret to being a great Barman resides in the capacity to serve and attend to the clients’ needs and to be prudent and reserved in the judgement that his desires and tastes may deserve.

El barman y sus clientes

Elegance cannot be sub estimated, as the Barman’s appearance always transmits the quality of those cocktails that he serves. He must embody the image and prestige of the bar in which he works, he will be the true representation of all that concerns and distinguishes the company.

In complement to his aspect and character, he must possess an art, a gift when elaborating and presenting the Cocktails. In addition to the final flavour of each drink, every client relishes watching their Barman mixing the different liquors and ingredients, patiently awaiting the moment of sipping their chosen Cocktail. As they well say, an essential part of enjoying cocktails lies in taking pleasure in watching its preparation.

El Barman Jesús Abia en Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas at the Gran Meliá Fénix Madrid

An excellent guide, these are the ten commandments of the best Barman that D. Pedro Chicote mentions is book Worldwide Cocktails:

  1. Respect and love your client above all.
  2. Never use his name without previous expressed authorization.
  3. Venerate his preferences.
  4. Honour his presence and absence.
  5. Don’t serve him too much alcohol.
  6. Don’t be irritating by action or omission.
  7. Charge him for exactly what he has ordered.
  8. Don’t speak about him, only what is precise and true.
  9. Don’t wish his affairs or flings.
  10. Don’t envy his position or wellbeing.

In Dry Martini by Javier de Las Muelas, our Barman’s have the essence and fineness that only the most professional achieve, taught by Javier de Las Muelas himself, they possess all fundamental knowledge and aptitudes to make each customer feel like the main character of our house and enjoy the Cocktails which he chooses or gets recommended.

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