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Cocktail O’Clock



“Cocktail time is the pause between the errors and trials of the day and the hopes of the night.”- Herbert Hoover

The Cocktail, a combination for all occasions and different moments. Each marks a difference, by taste, aroma and texture fitting in different times and experiences.

In the morning a Porto Flip, or for a cooler day, a Ponche, Grog or a Tom & Jerry. At midday, past noon, try a Gin or a Silver Fizz, a Pick-Me-Up, a Bellini or a Mimosa will suit perfectly for a quick break.

Negroni & Gin Fizz

Before lunch, there’s nothing better than a Dry Martini, always remembering that one is little and more than two is too much. An Americano, a Negroni, a Campari 2000, a Manhattan, a Bamboo or a similar combination are also wonderful alternatives to suit the time of day.

After lunch, we can luxuriate in a sweet and creamy Cocktail, such as an Irish Coffee, a White Russian, a Brandy Alexander, Stinger or Sharon Stone (with delicious chocolate and orange). Another fantabulous choice could be to go for a more digestive drink. You can choose between a Bijou, Rusty Nail or if lunch has been heavy, a Tom Collins or a Gin & Tonic in a balloon glass with plenty of ice and a twist of lime as its best compliment.


Mid-afternoon, after a long day at work, time to enjoy an after work Cocktail that starts a new sensation, or indeed after a long lunch, The Black&Velvet is ideal if you enjoy beer, other options include Mojito, Frozen Daiquiri, Mint Julep, Singapore Sling or some Punch. We recommend preparing them in pitchers, enjoying them in good company will incite you to have more than one and you won’t disrupt the atmosphere.

Before dinner, if you enjoy strong emotions you can turn to a Martini Frappé with its different contrasts, a Dirty Martini or a sensual Gibson with its two glazed onions. If you fancy smoother drinks, the cinematographic Gimlet is a great option. So are others such as a champagne or Cinderella Cava Cocktail, a glamorous Cosmopolitan, Lychee Martini (with a dot of chilli) or a Blue Margarita. All candidates are fantastic pre-dinner drinks for a special occasion.


After dinner and still at the table, the perfect time to take pleasure in a White Lady, an Old Fashioned, a Whisky, Pisco Sour or a Balalaika (if you enjoy vodka).

For night-time, we recommend cocktails without surprise; a Jim-Let-Fox-Trot, a tropical Piña Colada, a Long Island Iced Tea, a Gin Cooler or a Tequila Sunrise, are all excellent choices for this particular time of day. If you’d rather accompany your night by a shorter and more electric drink, a Blue Lagoon or any of the Fresh Fruit Martinis, fruit of your choice, touch just the right spot. You can also opt for any of the Cachaça Cocktails such as Caipirinha, Caipiríssima or Caipiroska, but best served with modern details. 

Just as each moment has its song, each experience has its Cocktail. As is logical, we should attempt trying all of these wonderful cocktails in the same day, but not experiment depending on the day, the mood and the situation. A very important note to remember: try not to mix; if you start with a spirit, stick to it.

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