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Christmas Cocktails Collection 2015

MAGAZINE - Creations


A toast with the Christmas cocktails By Javier de las Muelas.

Javier de las Muelas presents his latest creation, the Christmas Cocktails collection designed to celebrate and toast Christmas and New Year in an original way. Five cocktails with different colours and flavours, sweet, festive, intense and with a 100% of Christmas flavour, that is the character of Rudolf, Santa Claus, Chinese Bells, Fireplace and Fruit of Bethlehem By Javier de las Muelas.


Taking care of every moment is the key to every reunion. A surprising invitation, a wonderful environment, original gifts and before eating, while all the assistants are still arriving, a tray of snacks that inaugurates the celebration. Rudolf is a great host in this kind of situations, because of its punch-bowl shape, while the attendants serve themselves, the first smiles of the night will draw in their faces. Recipe: 15 drops Droplet “Oak Smoke”, 30 cl aloe vera juice, 10 cl Suze, 20 cl Japanese sake, 20 cl Martini Rubino Riserva Speciale, 10 cl vodka Grey Goose. Decoration: strawberries, edible flowers, rosemary and star fruit.


A sweet with the most traditional style, also creamy, with almonds, honey and a 30-year-old Pedro Ximenez. The perfect brooch to a Christmas meal. Perfect as a dessert or as an afternoon snack to accompany the heat of a Christmas conversation. Recipe: 3 drops Droplet “Tonka Bean” nougat ice cream, 10 cl nougat ice cream, 1 cl Pedro Ximenez, 4 cl cocoa Guffard black liquor, 5 cl Courvoisier. Decoration: detail of chocolate and coffee bean.


A toast with a Christmassy colour that is our Chinese Bells. Delicate, fruity, light and simple to elaborate. Cups raised up with best wishes for the New Year that is about to begin. Recipe: A pinch of edible gold, 1 cl raspberry syrup, 5 cl tamarind juice, 1 cl Campari, 5 cl plum wine, 10 cl Freixenet Cordón Negro. Decoration: Lima dehydrated, 2 spikes of lavender.


Fireplace is the desire to welcome our guests to the cold winter days. This hot punch offers the warmth of a home at Christmas and becomes a meeting point for our friends and family. It has to do with sharing and having a good time while serving and drinking this cocktail. Recipe: We should start by flaming the following ingredients in a separate bowl: A stick of cinnamon, dried orange, pink pepper, green cardamom, 3 cl chocolate liqueur, 3 cl hot water, 6 cl hot Bourbon Makers Mark. Once we have burned most part of the alcohol, we should let it blow out and then serve. Decoration: dehydrated orange and spices.


It is tradition that the cocktails are enjoyed before and after a big meal, but for many years we have proposed to accompany our delicious dishes and meals with creative recipes. Fruit of Bethlehem will give a new dimension to our Christmas cold snacks; however, we will probably want it to continue with us, accompanying the starters. It is definitely a touch of Christmas originality. Recipe: 2 drops Droplets “Mediterranean Rosemary”, 2 cl fresh lime juice, 2 cl passion fruit juice with seeds, 3 cl tamarind juice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 5 cl Peruvian pisco. Decorations: dehydrated grapefruit, pepper and currants.

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