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Javier de las Muelas, conceptual development manager of those studies, funded the formation in Campus CETT-UB in Barcelona.

Last Tuesday October 27,Campus CETT-UB celebrated the inauguration of the first course of Cocktails and Mixology of Spain with a universitary extension degree with the University of Barcelona. The creation of the course has been welcomed among professionals, due to the unique formation, quality, effectiveness and practice. All the available places have been booked!


La inauguración contó con la presencia de Javier de las Muelas, businessman, bartender and mixologist took part on the inauguration. He, who participates in the course as a manager of conceptual development. Moreover, a representation of the commission of assistants and professors, and Damià Mula as the course coordinator also contributed to the beginning of this pioneer proposal over the State.

The new degree, the unique formation in cocktails acknowledged by the University of Barcelona (UB), wants to build up professionals with freehold as bartenders, and at the same time to be experts in the requirements and skills required. Among the goals, the work will have another focus: The participants will be able to create professional projects in cocktails promoting enterprising curiosity in the world of restoration.



For this coming formation, a special and technical room has been designed in theCampus CETT-UB, where students have a professional cocktail station, created with CocktailStations, leading business in the fabrication of profesional bars. The creation of this stations is an answer to the desire to look like a professional bar, with an ideal structure to practice, and to learn in a real environment, with all the elements that a Barman needs to do his work: stations to put different gels, suppression washing-shakers, table to cut, space to clean up the utensils or service table for the preparation of cocktails, among other elements designed to make the learning process easier.  In addition, the stations are custom-made of stainless steel to comply with the hygienic norms of the restoration establishments.


This installation of unique professional bars in the State will allow to practice with all the contents of the studying planning and to make it through all the techniques required in this job. The space will be adapted to teach lessons that configure this formation: from the evolution of bartender and barist profile, the domain of the classic and vanguard technique, the ‘cata’ methodology or the formation in directive competences, the design of a menu or handle the price, buying and stocks, or strands related to the leadership of work teams, among others.

The beginning of this CETT-UB Course of Cocktails and Mixology constitutes the basis of the new generation of Barmen and Barmaids and professional of the liquor and distiller industry.

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