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A Bloody Mary with Tom Waits amongst others



Bebo Valdés reincarnates the true essence of the authentic mojito flavour.

Music is an essential when creating a unique atmosphere for guests. Studies show that music is capable of stirring our emotions and mood unconsciously. Everybody’s favourite songs are intimately tied to moments and feelings they’ve experienced. By simply hearing the first notes of our favourite songs, we relive those experiences.

The great host knows that making a spectacular dinner is simply not suffice. It’s equally important to take other factors into account, even if they may seem like “mere details” they have the impact to create a unique experience.

We present you with the perfect way to pair the power of music notes with “The Cocktail Menu” for your guests. The perfect combination between each note and cocktail’s quality.

Tom Waits and The Bloody Mary

As an all-time classic from the past, the present and the future we suggest listening to “Real Gone” by Tom Waits, famous for his coarse voice. Paired with a Bloody Mary you’ll be able to enjoy the smokey tones he offers in his album.

Music & Cocktails Tom Waits

Giuseppe Verdi and The Negroni

There’s no need to say that the Negroni is best enjoyed whilst listening to Italian music. A cocktail that was created in the twenties around a meeting point for the Florentine Aristocracy of the time doesn’t deserve less. A terrace Cocktail, to be enjoyed with sun and a newspaper, inciting good humour and awakening the appetite. Pair it with “Celeste Aida” from Giuseppe Verde by Luciano Pavarotti, an excellent choice.

It’s a Beatiful Day for The Mint Julep

If you choose a cocktail like Mint Julep with its own story, “Queen” will most definitely be the best companion as the band offer a sense of musical diversity especially whilst listening to “It’s a Beautiful Day”. A song that truly inspires positivism and energy throughout its lyrics. For those who fancy a White Russian, one of the most elegant cocktails, worthy of being enjoyed with a suit and tie try “One Starry Night” by Kevin Yost.

Music and Cocktails Queen

Bebo Valdés and The Mojito

Bebo Valdés reincarnates the true essence of the authentic flavour. With direct Cuban descent, they both share heritage. Now for the partner in crime, The Caipirinha known for its characteristically fresh taste that simply lifts us up in a soft tropical breeze. When united with Sergio Mendes’ songs full of Brazilian vibrations, you’ll find yourselves in the midst of an atmosphere that will definitely be successful, if not, unique.

Moby and The Sex on the Beach

If you’re in the mood for a good Sex on The Beach, Moby’s album “Play” promises a truly special momentum with its empowering gospel and folk collection, much suited to this delicious cocktail. You’ll be floating in time as the evening goes by. The exact representation of the sunrise is found only in a Tequila Sunrise with its characteristic blend of colours, best enjoyed whilst listening to Julieta Vargas, what a marvellous combination.

Music and Cocktails Bebo Valdes

Love Actually and The Cosmopolitan

We couldn’t miss out the romantic tunes offered by the Love Actually soundtrack, “Too lost in you” in particular. A beautiful song to be enjoyed while sipping a Cosmopolitan. Björk’s voice inspires a Sea Breeze with her hit “Jóga” releasing volcanic sounds with strong strings and percussion.

Angelo Badalamenti and The Manhattan

We find that The Manhattan deserves a song to reflect and enjoy the moment, when tasted with Angelo Badalamenti’s B.S.O. Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the experience.

Cole Porter and The Dry Martini

And last but definitely not least, the Cocktail that shapes our essence, The Dry Martini. Cole Porter’s voice is ideal to seduce your guests and let them dream whilst still awake and rejoice the flavour of what we call “The Cocktail”.

Such harmony between music and flavour promises a singular effect on your guests that they will never forget.

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