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16 essential bartending tools



A wide range of utensils will also be in handy in order to prepare the best cocktails. The alcohol and the tools to mix the drinks are only the first step.

Every bartender knows that to prepare cocktails he will need some necessary tools. We have already spoken of the mixing glass or the shaker; however, a wide range of utensils will also be in handy in order to prepare the best cocktails. The alcohol and the tools to mix the drinks are only the first step. Here you will find the 16 essential tools to perform your best creations:

1. Removers: typically, they are used to remove long drinks, giving personal touch to your cocktail.

2. Sticks: it will work as a classic cocktails ornament, in order of decorating your drink with olives and cherries.

Los 16 utensilios esenciales en coctelería

3. Droppers: containers that are used to store the touches or drops to provide a unique flavour to your drink. Generally, in these vessels, you shall keep grenadine or dry vermouth with the purpose of not overloading with alcohol the final result.

4. Squeezer: fruits are an essential element in a good cocktail; therefore, you should properly squeeze the fruit you are going to use. A leftover of a lemon or orange seed can be a big mistake, so it is recommendable to use it with caution and squeeze them a lot earlier.

5. Measuring cup or Jiggers: precision in the cocktail industry is a virtue. In the learning period, we recommend using this tool in order to measure the juices or drinks that are to going to use.

6. Strainer: to keep the drink intact and to prevent ice from falling into the cup, you must use the strainer. It is one of the tools that will ensure the professionalism of a bartender or a cocktail expert.

Los 16 utensilios esenciales en coctelería

7. Pestle: A Mojito or a fruit Martini? Use this element to crush the mint leaves or fruit.

8. Spoon for ice: it will serve to fill up the shaker or mixing glass with crushed ice. Instead, to serve the fruit or the ice you must not use this tool, every bartender knows that they right tool is the ice tongs.

9. Coasters: to prevent stains in our clothing or in the bar or table, this accessory becomes imperative.

10. Straws: they become indispensable to taste a combined drink. Two straws are always better than one to capture the taste of a long drink.

11. Skimmer: use it at the last moment to maintain the aroma and flavour of the accessories you are using in your cocktails, like chocolate or nutmeg.

Los 16 utensilios esenciales en coctelería

12. Bucket: better a big one. Therefore, you can use it to cool bottles of wine, champagne or cava.

13. Knife: You cannot use any knife! It is essential for it to be sharp and never saw.

14. Napkins: for a practical use, better paper, however, clothes ones are smarter.

15. Corkscrew or bottle opener: the corkscrew for wine and the bottle opener for soft drinks or beer.

16. Chopping: to cut the fruit into slices. It is such a basic tool that we often forget.

Now that you know the essential tools for every professional bartender, begin to use them frequently to become an expert and to prepare the best combination.

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