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Ten tips to serve the best cocktails



Never shake fizzy drinks, if you do, you’ll have a bomb with a delayed fuse on your hands.

If you’re one of those people that delight in tasting a good cocktail, or someone who always has a cocktail shaker in one hand, take note, because today we’re giving you 10 tips to impress your guests and turn into an authentic barman.

1. Don’t use the ice in the Cocktail shaker more than once. If not, when shaking, you’ll dilute the Cocktail. You can use the mixing glass a maximum of two times, always when using ice fabricated by an ITV machine, with crisp and compact ice cubes. This applies when making the same cocktail, in case of making a different option always change the ice.

2. Ensure that the glass is big enough to contain the cocktail you’ve prepared. Glasses are glasses, not bath tubs.

3. Never shake fizzy drinks, if you do, you’ll have a bomb with a delayed fuse on your hands.

How to prepare a cocktail at home

4. If the cocktails contain fruit juice, add sugar straight after, mix the content as to combine it with the juice, then you may add the other ingredients: eggs, creams and liquors. Then you can add the ice: five or six ice cubes will be enough. Be careful, don’t mix more than three mixes each time, don’t flood the main body content.

5. When you use the mixing glass, it must be full of ice and you need to swill the ice cubes around with a spoon for 15 to 20 seconds, this will cool the glass and the ice cubes will not start jumping around once you add liquid. After swilling the ice around, use a cocktail strainer to remove all the water content. Incorporate the liquors in order of lower to higher density.

6. Shake with elegance and remember: up and down, forward and backwards for approximately 10 to 25 seconds, depending on the Cocktail you’re making. You will notice the cold temperature of the metal, which will indicate that it’s ready. To mix appropriately, don’t fill the shaker or the cocktail glass.

How to prepare a cocktail at home

7. When serving Cocktails, fill them in scale, from less to more, filling them again in the opposite direction, from more to less: that way the Cocktails will be equal, both visually and in flavour and temperature.

8. Serve the cocktails immediately: leaving the cocktail shaker on the table and serving as you go, as seen in many films, doesn’t work. When left in the shaker, the cocktail become diluted and the ingredients won’t be mixed correctly.

9. Once the Cocktails are prepared, serve them on a tray covered with a cloth to avoid them spilling, and with much balance, serve them to your guests. Serving rules say always serve women first and from their right hand side.

How to prepare a cocktail at home

10. If you have space in your freezer, you’ll be able to store your cocktail glasses there (don’t do this if they’re made of very fine crystal, they can break), this way, when serving, your glasses will already be chilled. Leave space for a bottle of Gin and another of Vodka: your Martinis will be spectacular.

 Ah! And last but not least, only serve your guests cocktails that you have tried and practised previously. Remember, you should always be your best critic.

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